How is the manner in which we transact changing due to Covid 19?

For me, in the real estate industry it has changed drastically and continues to evolve. I take the executive order very seriously and have ventured out only when absolutely necessary and following safety precautions to protect others and myself.

People still need housing whether renting, buying or selling due to downsizing, combining families, relocating etc.
How do we perform this duty that has multiple tasks and multiple people required to close a transaction safely?

It is not easy and we are constantly improving and evolving but we have been taking every measure to perform our required duties while respecting the executive order and remaining safe for ourselves, our families and our clients.

Detailed conversations between listing and buyer agents are a daily event to discuss our clients’ needs and if a home and timing will make a proper fit for a successful transaction for both parties prior to scheduling an in person visit.

Screening serious buyers is now taken to a higher level.
In person showings occur only after a conversation discussing the property and specific details about the home that may or may not work for the buyer to avoid unnecessary visits accompanied by a signed hold harmless agreement and a current pre-approval showing the buyer is serious, ready and qualified.

Virtual tours and video calls previewing the home has become a regular event prior to in person showings

Decision makers only at showings

No Open Houses

Masks, booties and gloves are now part of our every day lives and in person showings do not occur without them while also maintaining social distancing

All doors and lights are left on for showings to avoid minimal contact inside the home.

There are inspections, appraisals and closings that have all changed their steps as well to keep everyone safe and distant. I suspect we will continue to follow many of these steps into the future far past the flattening of the curve while still providing our clients with the exceptional service and representation they deserve.

We continue to evolve and stay safe while providing this necessary service for those in need of housing. I personally miss the hugs, the high fives and the face to face selfies of the past to celebrate the start of a new adventure for my clients but we move forward in another manner for the safety of all.

If you have questions regarding the real estate market or specific questions about your situation feel free to call me 908 720 9205 for a confidential conversation. Video calls are also available if you prefer.

Stay safe.

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